We have been advertising in “Know U Didn’t” for about two years now. From the very beginning we have gotten overwhelming responses. We often ask out of town customers how they heard of us and the most consistent response is “one of those little papers with all the little tidbits in it”.    — A+ Coins

We have seen more response from advertising in the Know U Didnt publication than from any other avenue we have tried. —Virtual Reality 2

We have been advertising with Know U Didnt for over three years and continue to receive calls from our ad.  We have received more calls from our ad in Know U Didnt than from any other advertising we have done. — Double Dome Systems

Without question, outstanding customer service & support. —WKU, ROTC

I am very pleased with the results we’ve had from Know U Didnt.  We have people come in on a weekly basis telling us they saw our in the publication.  We also have some come in just to get a copy of the paper.  – Joyce, Snooper’s Attic in Franklin

Our organization has been extremely pleased with the additional traffic generated by our advertisements in the Know U Didnt publication.  Josh is very accomodating and prompt.–Mary Farley, Simpson County Tire

We have gotten a tremendous response with our ads and continuously have customers bring in coupons from our ads.–
Know U Didnt is the cheapest and most effective means of advertising in town–Campbell Lane Express

As a Human Resource Professional, I am always on the search for potential candidates to fill various open positions. Advertising can be somewhat expensive, but with Know U Didnt, I can advertise for a fraction of the cost of other vendors and reach a larger population with all the counties they cover.–Nicki Madden, Franklin Precision Industry, Inc.

I have customers come in from Glasgow on a weekly basis who have told me they would not have known about my shop had it not been for seeing my ad in Know U Didnt.​ It’s proved to be some of the best advertising I’ve ever used. — Kathy Blankenship, Psycho Granny